05 setembro 2009

I melt in your mouth, not in your hands...

"I tend to access them through deep love and openness, or through really intense, pounding fucking. The latter are therapeutic in that I feel like something is locked up inside me and I can’t reach it through words, or by a name, but if I’m fucked long enough and hard enough then it just tumbles out of me. In grunts, tears and unwinding. I get there through endurance and persistence. I need to have deep, cervical stimulation, usually when I’m being taken from behind, and I’m on my knees."

in Orgasmapedia: The Elusive Cervical Orgasm

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BlackQuartzo disse...

Estou totalmente de acordo com esta "terapia"!!!

até apetece dizer... "wow yessssssss"


bom fim de coiso do fim do coiso do fim de semana!