27 outubro 2009


We answer one another's needs as naturally as our hearts beat.
We have the same inner restlessness...
In bed, we instinctively answer one another's needs.

He can bridge many moods, from funny to serious. I am ultra-sensitive and I mirror moods..
We are easily in sync.

Two analytical communicators teamed up...
We both let our heads rule our hearts anyway.
The brain is the most powerful erogenous zone in the body..
...and we keep ours working overtime.

My talent for verbal foreplay turns us both on.
His ability to communicate what he wants, leads lovemaking to scale new heights of passion...

2 comentários:

BlackQuartzo disse...

"Conversa de cama... faz milagres."



:* :* :*

apenas um gajo... disse...

definitivamente, labaredas.