09 abril 2010

"Wanton Girl"

"I need a
a well torn girl
a well worn girl
war born girl
that can split in two
she’s fought her own battles
won some lost many
on the front of love and sex
she knows what she wants
without hesitation
without apologies
someone that loves to fuck
loves to drop down on my cock
from great heights
and shove my scrotum inside her
if I could I certainly would
follow my cock with my tongue
right up inside
as deep as she likes
just to please her
her pleasure would be mine
she would be beautiful
bare back riding
in the saddle of my lap
hair black as coal
stoking fires for a living
supine spine
like a wild cat
she lands on all fours
hips that rotate and swivel
a chinoiserie contortionist
highly skilled
lips like velvety peaches
with an ass to match
me and my wanton girl
a perfect pair
hand in hand
we walk out on the china sea."


by Dennis Michael Jones

(all Rights reserved)


Uau....thank you Dennis! It´s so very much my style...

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Este post sim... It´s so very much my style... Cheio de pormenores.

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